Have you ever suffered

a skin problem from water?

The vast majority of Europeans and Americans do not use water properly

because of the lime phenomenon.

*Lime water :

It leaves white powder on your body even after

taking a shower and causes a variety of problems, ranging

from small to dry, large hives, and hair curls like brooms.

Meet the water

closest to your skin.

Dear. product turns the water around you

into a weakly acidic water that's most like your skin.

Say about 'Lime Water'

- Sasha Michaels -

Paris, France

Heavy Traveler.


- Lily Samuels -

Paris, France

- Marina(Mina) Kim -

From Korea to France

International Student.

V-log /


in France


A week's record in France to hear

more details through Persona

about the lime water and skin problems

rather than heard from unspecified people around us.

We explored the water, which is the essence of skin care product.

Dear. is pursuing pure water-based cosmetics that use a minimal amount of ingredients and give a sufficient moisture for your sensitive skin.


Meet a highly concentrated skin care product your skin want.

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A drop

for your precious skin.